About See Smitty

Welcome! My name is Curtis Smith and I am a big time IT and technology enthusiast. I have a few certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft, and professionally I work primarily in the Endpoint Management and Systems Administration space. I also spent 12 years in the Army National Guard which included a deployment to Afghanistan.

I wanted to create this site for a few reasons…

First, I often find that its much easier to remember things when you write them down. (Which is the fancy way of saying my memory is garbage…). This site will allow me to document the projects I work on and let me make sure that when something breaks, I can go back and see how I did it so I can fix it. (Which is a good lesson for working in IT, but that is for another day…).

Second, I’ve always wanted to have my own website. Despite never really having a good reason for one, I just thought it would be cool. For a while I would just buy up domains that I liked in case I ever had a good reason to make a website. However, it wasn’t until this point that I ever used one. So I finally put one of those domains to good use, and here it is!

Finally, and probably most importantly, I wanted to give back. There are so many people in the IT industry that write and document so many How-To’s and have enabled me to learn so much in a short period of time. I really want to give back to that community. Much of what I have here might be repetitive, and I can almost guarantee that someone else has done it better, but I thought it was time that I put information back out there to contribute to the community that has given me so much.

A small warning…

My interests jump around. Like many IT people, I see new technologies or new things and I want to try it and understand how it works. I say that because I may jump around to different topics. At times, my site may seem disorganized and without a common theme. But that’s kind of just just how my interests go. I obsess over something for a few weeks and then move on. Hopefully, this site will make it easier for me to come back to things because I will remember where I left off. Either way, just understand that if it seems like I’m all over the place, its because I am.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. I hope you find some value on this site, and that I can some how contribute to you on your IT journey. If you want to connect, then hit me up on Twitter @SeeSmittyIT or the Contact Me page for this site.

If not, then thanks for checking out my page. I hope you found something useful while you were here.



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